NIBULON expands logistics capabilities on the Southern Buh

Highly qualified employees at NIBULON’s shipping company and logistics department have taken another step to improve cargo transportation by waterways.

1 pusher tug, 4 non-self-propelled vessels and 1 harbor tug, instead of a usual pusher tug and 1-2 non-self-propelled vessels, have made a cargo trip by the Mykolaiv-Nova Odesa route along the Southern Buh.

By implementing this decision, the company improves a logistics chain to transport cargoes by the Southern Buh and improves the environmental and infrastructure efficiency in this direction. Each trip ensures that more than 9.0 thousand tons of cargoes are transported by river from Nova Odesa and Voznesensk to the outer roads of Mykolaiv Sea Port, instead of 4.0 thousand tons transported by two non-self-propelled vessels.

Consequently, 375 trucks (plus 208 trucks in addition to 167 ones of 4.0 thousand tons) will not enter Mykolaiv, moving to various transshipment terminals, as it will be logistically and economically efficient for them to be unloaded closer to the points of grain harvesting or storage in the direction of Nova Odesa and Voznesensk.

Please note that 9.0 thousand tons are just the beginning for a tug and tow train consisting of 4 non-self-propelled vessels, as it is only 70% of the total cargo capacity of these vessels. By using the modernized B5000M project vessels, the company can double the volumes of cargoes transported per one cargo trip. To load non-self-propelled vessels more, it is necessary to initiate and conduct dredging of rivers at the state level. NIBULON has dredged 154 km of Ukrainian rivers at its own expense.

NIBULON revives navigation and increased the volumes of cargoes transported by Ukrainian waterways, thereby proving the efficiency of its own global strategy to revive the Dnipro and the Southern Buh as main transport arteries.

Due to a well-developed network of the transshipment terminals and elevator complexes, including along the rivers, the distance to transport agricultural commodities is reduced, and farmers’ income is increased from USD 3 to USD 5 per one ton.

In the 2020/21 marketing year, the company’s fleet set a record, having transported about 4.3 million tons of cargoes by inland waterways, which is by 11% more than in the 2019/20 marketing year. As a result, the equivalent of 20 thousand trucks was removed from the highways in Mykolaiv region and about 180 thousand trucks from Ukrainian highways. The company’s fleet substituted trucks, having made 1,219 barge and tug cargo trips. This is NIBULON’s contribution to the preservation of environment and Ukrainian roads.

Since it commenced operation in 2009, the shipping company has transported more than 23 million tons of various cargoes by rivers, thereby removing the equivalent of about 1 million trucks from Ukrainian highways.

These record results are possible due to NIBULON’s comprehensive program to revive Ukrainian rivers, to dredge rivers and to develop Ukraine’s most modern fleet comprising 82 vessels used for various operations. The company’s vessels can operate in any season, including in ice conditions.

In the 2021/22 marketing year, NIBULON plans to transport 4.5-5 million tons and even more by water.

Source: Cyprus Shipping News


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