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Who are we?


We are a holding group with our subsidiary companies into publication, marine technology, training and learning,  web development and designing . We organise global level conference and events for people in business to network and grow together..

Why should you choose us?


Our international presence has helped our current subsidiary companies to reach out to clients at global level. The network that blooms by Athenian Holding group conference and events helps them to achieve visibility to offer services beyond their borders. This helps them to show their innovations globally and exhibit their offerings.

In this flat era, where digitalisation and networking is vital, we are deeply interest in offering platforms to companies into Data science, AI , shipping , Cryptocurrency.

Help us advertise you to take you to the heights you deserve to be at.

How do we help their business grow?


Business owners usually consider setting up a Holding company company and one or more Subsidiaries to help structure their business as it grows.This is because the at Athenian holding Group we provide greater safeguards against risks and streamline operations for a business that’s still growing and diversifying.

We belive in partnering and supporting small companies who would like to extend there service globally and have a wide network.

Where is our users from?


Our users are from Europe, UK, United States and India.

What is our advertising strategy and cost?


We would list your company in our website and our in house magazine The Athenian.The advertisement will be seen on our website for a decided period of time.The client gets to decide how the advertisement needs to be featured,scaling etc according the costing and time period will be given to the client.

Companies advertising with us